TinyMCE for Drupal 6

Hi there,

I’ve managed to port TinyMCE to Drupal 6. You can download it here: TinyMCE for Drupal 6.Screenshot


  • 1. Place the entire tinymce directory into your the ‘sites/all/modules/tinymce‘ directory.
  • 2. Download TinyMCE 2.1 and remember to uncompress the file and make sure the folder is named ‘tinymce‘.
  • 3. Place the entire ‘tinymce’ engine folder inside your ‘sites/all/modules/tinymce/‘ directory. So the TinyMCE engine will live in ‘sites/all/modules/tinymce/tinymce/
  • 4. Copy the folder ‘sites/all/modules/tinymce/plugins/drupalbreak‘ to ‘sites/all/modules/tinymce/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/drupalbreak‘. This installs a TinyMCE-plugin that can edit Drupal (page)breaks.
  • 5. Visit the Drupal ‘modules’ page via Administer > Site building > Modules and enable the TinyMCE-module.
  • 6. Visit the Drupal ‘permissions’ page via Administer > User management > Permissions and choose who gets to use TinyMCE
  • 7. Visit TinyMCE-settings page, and create a profile. Make sure to expand and fill out the complete form (!!!). The TinyMCE-settings page is found via Administer > Site configuration > TinyMCE
  • 8. Done! Now you can edit and create content with the TinyMCE editor.

46 thoughts to “TinyMCE for Drupal 6”

  1. I am trying to install your ported version of TinyMCE in drupal 6, but when I go to the module administration section to install the module it says “This version is incompatible with the 6.0 version of Drupal core.” Any ideas?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I developed and tested this with Drupal 6.1 – but I guess should have tested it with Drupal 6.0 as well.

    Anyway, I think I may have made a last minute error with the “tinymce.info” file. I uploaded a new version of the module, so please re-download and test it. Since I’m not around a Drupal installation at the moment, I can’t test it myself. Please let me know if it works for you now. If it doesn’t, I will look into it this evening and fix it for sure. For now, just re-download and test 🙂


    — edit: I tested this, and confirmed that this plugin works with both Drupal 6.0rc4 and Drupal 6.1

  3. Hi jeff,
    it works great on my site (D6.1). Is there any solution to cooperate your module with IMCE-HEAD (compatible with D6)? Sorry fot my English :\

  4. Hi akie and thanks for the module. It gives me this error on install:

    warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/medigo-kartano/includes/form.inc on line 1181.

    Install seems to succeed in any case. However, I can’t get the editor to appear. I created a profile, gave user permissions and revised visibility settings. Still nothing. Any ideas?

  5. Oopsie, it seems like the editor does work. I don’t know if my desparate refreshes came from cache…

  6. Thank you for the instructions! On drupal 6.1, I received the same “invalid argument” error as Karri, but it seems to work just fine anyway. I installed TinyMCE 2.1.3 per your instructions.

  7. Hmm seems to sort of work, however when I submit the page I get a warning that says
    “are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page. Press OK to continue or press cancel to stay on current page.”

    I press okay to continue and it seems to make the edits in spite of warning dialog…

    BTW, I added a input type w/o filters I called RTF, and that was not the issue…

  8. Hi Jeff,

    you’re welcome! Glad it works now.

    Ben & Karri,

    I did notice the “invalid argument” warning, but I don’t know what causes it. Since it didn’t seem to interfere with the editor, I didn’t bother to fix it 🙂


    I think this is a TinyMCE-issue. Which version of Drupal and TinyMCE are you using?

  9. Thanks for your help on this! I was toying around with this for a long time – then found this… Thank you!

    One question, have you been able to incorporate IMCE?

  10. Installation per your instructions went well.

    I then got to the;

    admin => site configuration => tinymce

    and had the following warning.

    warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/drupal/includes/form.inc on line 1181.

    I hope this helps you debug.

    Thanks for all of your efforts.

  11. Hmm, a couple of test tables have the columns go vertically as in



  12. Hey,

    Why are you publishing your version over here and not at drupal.org? Uploading it there would be appreciated far more than keeping it on your own website. You’d do the community a great favour.


  13. Hi Bart,

    I publish it here because it’s much simpler. If anyone feels the need to publish it to drupal.org directly, then please do so! Keep the credits intact though 🙂


  14. Well, it’s easy to post your code on drupal.org. If you want want to make the effort of registering (which I doubt since you’re a Drupal user) or committing the code to CVS (understandable) the easiest way is to post your code in TineMCE issue so others can take a look at it. That will only require you to make a tarball from your code and attach it to the issue.

  15. I’m having the same issue as Henry with the following error:

    warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/local.sandbox.com/htdocs/drupal-6.1/includes/form.inc on line 1181.

  16. Sorry, I commented too soon. I wanted to let you know that besides that warning message everything is working beautifully from my quick test. Thanks so much for putting this together, my client with be very happy to have their WYSIWYG.

  17. Hi,
    I am also receiving the error message
    warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …../drupal-6.1/includes/form.inc on line 1181.

    However, part of TinyMCE works. In other words, I see some buttons and those work, but others such as font select do not show up. I’ve checked to see if they are configured in the admin>tinymce and they are.

    I have refreshed, too — no change.

    anyhow, I’m at least glad that it is mostly working!

    Do you think I should upgrade tinymce to the newest version ? 3.0.5 instead of 2.1.3?

    just wondering.

  18. Hi Robin,

    Glad to hear it’s working now. Does your fontselect-button work?

    I’ll try to fix the warning-message you and others received after installation. If I have time that is, because the site I built this module for has to get finished too 🙂


  19. Hi akie,

    thanks for the module. Quick question, If I enable multiple buttons (for advanced users) the buttons push my layout wider rather than break into more rows. Is this something I can fix in the module or I have to look in tinyMCE itself?

    Thanks again

  20. Hi bastian,

    You can fix this in the module. There’s some code in there that rearranges the buttons to a specific order. For example, it makes sure that the B, I and U buttons are next to each other on the first row. Also, it moves buttons to another row if there are too many on one row.

    Hope this helps,

  21. hey akie,

    love the fact you have released this to everyone for their enjoyment.

    i do have a problem and am confident have followed your guide to the letter. To assist with troubleshooting what info should I post here.
    Drupal is ver 6.1
    Tiny files installed again from your links with folder structure as per guide

    thanks again


  22. I have sorted my issue with Tinymce not showing up in drupal. Had t odo a 2nd install as 1st install I added multiple modules at the one time and thought that may have been the issue.

    Not so, 2nd install using drupal 6 and the supplied tinymce files from this site, I was able to see the tinymce module working in create content.

    I started making adjustments to try and make tinymce break and eventually suceeded.

    the issue I have noted is in the performance settings of the drupal 6.

    If Optimize JavaScript files: is to to enabled, your tinymce module will disappear in create content pages. Once you disable it, it comes back again all good.

    Hope this saves someone else time in the future.

    kudos again to akie, for his work and efforts in porting this module.


  23. Ey, ty much for great work, still, would be possible to ask u for IMCE integration? 🙂 will be great Ty.

  24. HI,

    I just created a new 6.1 site and I’ve installed Tiny MCE as per the directions ( I believe ). I’ve tried it a few times but still I don’t see the text editor when I create content.

    I have the same problem with fckeditor.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Paul G

  25. OK, I just got it working. I’m ok now. The problem I believe was that the ‘allow user to enable’ settings was set to true. When I changed it to false I was good to go.

    Paul G

  26. I can not but I can not get it to work either but I can not find this ‘allow user to enable’ settings part please point me in the right direction so that I can see if its set to true or false to see if that makes it work and I can do some whizzewiging

  27. I got it to work but the admin pages are showing:

    “TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor Unknown Not supported!”
    Recommended version: 6.x-1.1-dev (2008-Apr-01)

    Do i download this and update? Thanks!

  28. I’m getting the same error:

    vanilla tinymce “are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? The changes you made will be lost”

    but its a TinyMCE problem. I’m using the latest TinyMCE 2.

  29. Hi,

    I am using drupal 5.7 and I am getting that ‘are you sure you want to navigate…” issue. Is there any fix for this, if it is actually a TinyMCE problem? Any info/help will be appreciated.


  30. Wow. Thank you. I finally figured out what was wrong with my settings… Optimize JavaScript files was set to enabled. Big thanks to Tama for figuring that one out. Drupal 6.4, TinyMCE 3.1.1.

  31. Has anyone had any success with drupal 6.6 tinymce All the admin features work but nothing displays in the add content field?

  32. Hi,
    I have problem with this editor.
    I have installed it but I have problems with editors, not appears in the creation of the article. :((

  33. Hi Floyd,

    I’m sorry, I no longer maintain this software, and I don’t use Drupal anymore. So I can’t help you out, unfortunately! Good luck! I hope you can figure out what’s wrong.


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