Old Europe beats the hell out of USA, China at Olympics, no one notices

In the overall medal standings at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Old Europe has beaten the crap out of both China and the US – winning almost twice as much gold as the United States, and more than double the amount of medals of China. Despite the heated debate about exactly this subject, no one seems to notice.


Old Europe, an informal name for the European Union before its recent enlargements, managed to obtain 64 gold medals, 68 silver medals and 70 bronze medals – a total of 202 medals, solidly claiming the first place in the overall medal standings.

The 12 countries involved (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, Greece, Portugal and Spain) have a total population of 366 million people, somewhat more than the United States, but far less than China.

So it seems Europe came out on top in this Olympics. But please, continue to ignore the elephant in the room. It’s not as if we have the largest economy in the world, or six times the fire power of China.

9 thoughts on “Old Europe beats the hell out of USA, China at Olympics, no one notices

  1. nice info. from now on, we will only speak of europe, forget the “states” involved.

    now, add up the sports budgets of europe, america, and china, and see who is the most efficient.

  2. To complete your analysis you should add the total numbers of competitors for all 12 countries and look at whether Europe gets more entry opportunities which makes a difference in team sports where the US and China can only enter one team such as basketball, volleyball etc. The US economy would probably larger if it were not picking up the tab for European and Japanese defense, spending sixty percent more on defense than the EU.

  3. You may have more than six times the military might of China, but you can defeat America when it comes to useless Military spending and fighting pointless wars. When it comes to fire power, we have the smallest cocks in the world. Go USA

  4. Is Europe strategically well positioned versus Russia and China? Is NATO so powerful now in Georgia? Can Russia put Europe in the Dark? Can China nuke USA’s economy by just dropping dollars on them?

  5. Old Europe did well, but, Australia – with a only population of 22 million people (roughly the pop. of greater London or New York) came in 7th overall – c’mon, that’s just impressive.

  6. Europe isn’t a country. If you want to compete by continent, Asia utterly destroyed Europe, despite having far fewer economic resources.

    Europe is old, and the next century will see the rise of new powers.

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