Angry Americans debating revolution?

Wow, the 700 billion dollar Wall Street bail-out has Americans publicly debating revolution:

Know what FUCK IT

I am sick of this, every day, we get deeper into shit with no end in site. IM TIRED of being responsible. IM TIRED that this country rewards stupidity while shunning those that show SOME intelligence..


To my government. Im tired of giving you the benefit of the doubt. You have done nothing but to use fear and manipulation to get what you want, not for the good of the nation, but for the good of your “close” friends. Bush, Congress, All you fuckers, you work for US not corporations. Remember, you depend on the little people, stop fucking with us or we WILL eventually get mad. We’re too fat and happy right now, but it seems to be wearing off with the FANTASTIC news you keep giving us.

So FUCK YOU Wall Street. FUCK YOU ignorant citizen who bit off more than you could chew causing this whole fucking system to choke. Everyone knew that home prices were too high to be sustainable, but you guys kept buying. Rising the fucking price up. Can’t rent, NO thats for poor people. EAT SHIT AND DIE, I WANT A FUCKING REVOLUTION AND I WANT IT NOW.

Debate on reddit.

EDIT: Boing Boing: “US Congresspeople (were) told martial law would be imposed if bailout bill didn’t pass”. I don’t think this is going to happen – I sure hope not – but the fact that people are talking about it scares the shit out of me.

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