Funny quotes from asian parents and blog about funny things asian parents say:

A large simile
[Motorcycle cuts him off on the highway. The motorcyclist is kind of fat with his shirt blowing up.]
Dad: What the hell does this fatass think he’s doing?
Mom: Watch your language!
Dad: But look at this guy! Like the Autumn Moon festival!
Me: What??
Dad: Look at his ass hanging out! Autumn Moon festival! FULL MOON!

The thoughtfulness of Asian parents
Dear Kevin,
Happy birthday! Buy yourself a birthday present.

Meat mistake
KFC Worker: Welcome to KFC, can I take your order?
Mom: Yes please, can I have one bucket of chicken?
KFC Worker: Sure! White or dark meat ma’am?
Mom: Duck!? I don’t want duck! I want chicken!

Identity crisis
Me: sup
Dad: sup
Me: whats up dog
Dad: I am not dog

Gaseous road rage
[While driving with my dad, someone cuts us off]
Dad: Fart the horn! Peter, fart it!

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