40 digits of pi

You only need 40 digits of pi to calculate the number of atoms in a circle the size of the entire universe:

Why? Consider this:

Dividing it out, it takes about 1037 atoms to span the universe. So, around 40 digits of pi would be enough for an exact count of atoms needed to surround the universe. Were you planning on building something larger than the universe and precise to an atomic level? (If so, where would you put it?)

And that’s just 40 digits of precision; 80 digits covers us in case there’s a mini-universe inside each of our atoms, and 120 digits in case there’s another mini-universe inside of that one.


“How I Built a Working Poker Bot”

Someone has written a working poker bot, and has decided to tell how to build one yourself. Below is a screenshot of what must be the strategy editor.


Apparently he’s using a rule based expert system, which is a logical choice (imho) given the problem at hand. In the comments I found a link about breaking the random number generator in online poker, which makes the outcome of any poker hand completely predictable. Fascinating stuff.