“Jolene” @ 33 rpm

If you play Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” at 33 RPM, something happens.

While in most cases, slowed down music just sounds like, well, slowed down music, in the case of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” something extraordinary happens. It is like the song transforms and is suddenly sung perfectly, just a bit more depressing and with a guy’s voice instead.

Via Neatorama.

1930’s “Blue Monday”

New Order’s classic Blue Monday was released on 7 March 1983, and its cutting-edge electronic groove changed pop music forever. But what would it have sounded like if it had been made 50 years earlier? In a special film, using only instruments available in the 1930s – from the theremin and musical saw to the harmonium and prepared piano – the mysterious Orkestra Obsolete present this classic track as you’ve never heard it before.

Original at the BBC.

Nerdy lyrics

Nerdy but funny interpretations of some well known song lyrics:

10:54 Xore|work 35- /**
10:54 Xore|work 36- * Break it Down
10:54 Xore|work 37- */
10:54 Xore|work 38: interface HammerTimer {
10:54 Xore|work 39- public void stop();
10:54 Xore|work 40- }
10:55 Boose def workin_it (self):
10:55 Boose stop()
10:55 Boose collaborate()
10:55 Boose listen()
10:56 cdemwell um, surely you mean stop(collaborate && listen); // or do you?
10:57 wildcard1 for i in `primes | head -2`; do ice; done; baby