Man-made chemicals evolve into life-like ecosystem

(…) Joyce and his graduate student Tracey Lincoln, added the enzymes into a soup of building blocks, strings of nucleic bases that can be assembled into RNA, DNA or larger strings, and tweaked them to find pairs of enzymes that would reproduce. One day, some of the enzymes “went critical” and produced more RNA enzymes than the researchers had put in.

It was an important day, but Joyce and Lincoln wanted more. They wanted to create an entire population of enzymes that could replicate, compete and evolve, which is exactly what they did.


Cosmic climate prediction

Dr. Henrik Svensmark found the following correlation between incoming cosmic rays (blue) and the average temperature of the sea (red):

Quite a correlation, isn’t it? The light blue bars indicate when the earth moved through one of the arms of the galaxy. These arms cause an increase of cosmic rays, and Dr. Svensmark proved that these rays – when they hit the water – are responsible for forming clouds, which in turn cool the earth. So because the earth moves through an arm of the galaxy, we get cold.

Link to very helpful article, link to a brief overview of the results, link to a documentary about this theory.

Ridiculous Amazon customer reviews

The customer reviews at Amazon’s product page for uranium ore (wtf??) are delightfully ridiculous:


I ordered a bunch of cans of this, and still couldn’t get my time machine to work. I can’t wait to get back to 1985 and my hot girlfriend. Meanwhile, I’m stuck working at the Cafe 80s, dammit.


Time Machines run on Plutonium not Uranium. thats just silly.

Response 2:

You probably connected the Neirmann capacitors wrong on your flux capacitor. They should contact just a few centimeters above the Stendrand coils, but still below the containment field for the fusion material. Uranium ought to work as well as plutonium, the fission material is for collection of free quarks, not any sort of classical power generation.